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You don't know what to do next, do you? Jitendra is the guy talking to Shawn. You shouldn't have told Turkeer that. I'm sure that's right. In 2003, Niue became the first "Wi-fi" nation in the world. A buried treasure was found inside the ancient tomb. Put some ice on your leg. Will you put this in the car for me? It's too late. I'm dying. Now you are a woman, and I have no right to keep you here. You must return to the world of men, where joy awaits you.

Are you afraid to die? Her dream is to lead a life full of variety. Harmon just got that big promotion he's been waiting for.

The heavy rains caused the river to flood. What's this exactly? That's what you told Nicolo, I think. Is that reasonable behavior? All we can do is wait for him. Do you like movies? He stayed in at the hotel. If you heard her speaking English, you would never guess that she wasn't a native speaker. This document must not undergo later modifications.

Where did you find his photo? You're too modest. I'm going to head back home. This bomb could destroy the whole world. She was all kindness to everybody. I will not help you. The problems of air and water pollution will be intensified by the growth of inhabitants.

Let me speak, please. Come inside because it's cold outside. The family members sat around the table. Barney's a bit freaked out. Dimetry's hair is blowing in the wind. Malcolm has already decided when he wants to leave.

Tell Shaw we're here. Tiberio took a stroll on the beach. We have a lot to celebrate. It's a long, long time since my girl's been gone. The airplane landed safely on the runway. Not only my parents but also my sister is against my opinion. Carter still has headaches. It was Raphael's doing.

What do you plan to say? Vick will stay with us for a couple of weeks. They drink coffee at home. This kind of proposal can't be rejected. I can't contact them. He eventually married an Italian woman ten years his junior. Don't call them. They come from the same town.

Moses works at a supermarket. Could you send me some money? I think that he's not looking for a long term relationship. We're really going to miss Pitawas. They deserve this. Jim is crazy about his girlfriend. I'm not that kind of person. Happy Mothering Sunday.

Tal left after me. I'm the one who saved them. If there are two in a room and three go out, one must go in, so that none is in the room. I learned how to swim when I was a kid. It's not a nuthouse, it's a psychiatric hospital. I'm not religious in the normal sense. I believe the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws. Cliff finished the bottle of wine by himself. Stand up when I'm talking to you! We will not add more pictures to our magazine. No one can operate this machine.

Any port in a storm. How odd! There were too many people at the concert last Saturday. There's nothing to eat in the kitchen. Why did you ask for it? You just left, didn't you? I have a bad pain in my lower back.

If you don't want to attend the meeting, you don't have to. I hope you'll return soon. He calls her up every night. Now that I am here, you don't have to worry.

Do you know anything about computers? Loving who hates us sets us free.

There are 56 ethnic groups in China. Hold it there. At what time do you finish? I'm from the FBI. He blamed the teacher for his failure. Charles and Marie kept their marriage a secret from almost everyone. Is it a trap?

You'll feel better if you drink this medicine. Yea, I guess you can call that a supermarket. Hillel said he was so full he had no room left for dessert. I am not like you. I don't believe I've had the pleasure. Rex had open heart surgery. It's not as if I had read all the books on the shelf.

It was a dream. You're not going to get electrocuted just by directly touching a 1.5V battery. Vicki said he wanted to eat breakfast in bed. This list is not official.

I assume you haven't heard from Renu. She parties too hard. She does not understand modern technology. Peter follows Sundar wherever she goes. Anne is studying French now, isn't he? Hiroyuki has recommended you for the job. Kate went to school with an umbrella, but Brian didn't.

If it hadn't been for his help, she might have drowned. She picked up a fork. Sorry, I couldn't catch what you said. We missed you at the meeting yesterday. Come home. They carried out a new experiment in chemistry. I would like you to rely on me.

They treat others very well. Jimmy, it's time for you to go to bed. We went without him, as he wasn't ready. Bradley made me hurry. A white building is in sight at the foot of the hill.

Tell us what happened to them.